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Here are some frequently asked questions!

try the resources page if you want to know about specific programs i use, books i read, etc.

Q: What do you use to delete your tweets?

A: I use this website -- It is free to delete tweets, as well as Facebook posts.

Q: Why do you delete tweets?
A: I feel like it.

Q: Will you ever do general astrology for the public again?
A:Probably not. It is very energy intensive believe it or not. I also have to deny return clients as well. I am sorry, but it's for me. I want to be able to enjoy astrology. If I owe you something, you should DM me. Let's chat. But no more for anyone else... Unless you're willing to pay $1,000 and also have friends willing to pay that too... then hey... :P but until then, no. And yes, I'm serious. I want to be able to enjoy astrology. I have an abundance of things I can develop about myself in this beautiful life time, but astrology speaks to me and through me. So. No...

Q: What resources do you have for Astrology?
A: I don't have any right now, but I'm getting some together. Right now, all I can think of is the rulership book by Rex Bills? I think? Helps a whole lot.

Q: Hey, you're sexy and I want to get to know you.
A: I take all flirts and romantic compliments through Cashapp ($ybbirhc), Venmo, and Paypal at this time... Nothing else will cut it. I'm sorry.

Q: What do you use for buying test strips?
A: of course (code:chribby ... i get nothing from this code...) PLEASE!!!!!  i love you all so much. this will be edited w more resources soon... i lvoe u guys 



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