The Tenth House and YOU.

What's the TENTH?

Let's find out.

  1. Symbol: It's often depicted at the very top of the birth chart, representing its high-standing influence.
  2. Area of Life: It primarily governs career, reputation, and one’s status in the world.
  3. Themes: The 10th house touches on topics like:

Planets in the 10th House: If someone has a planet in their 10th house, that planet's energy can influence their career and how they are perceived in the world. For instance:

Sign on the Cusp: The Zodiac sign that starts the 10th house (known as the 'Midheaven' or 'Medium Coeli' - MC for short) can give clues about how someone approaches their career and reputation. For example:

Overall: The 10th house provides insights into your drive to make a mark on the world, be it through your job, your achievements, or the legacy you leave behind. Think of the 10th house as the spotlight on the stage of your life; it's where you shine in the public eye, where you make your mark, and how you'll be remembered.


Tenth & You - The Workbook

Discover the Secrets of Your 10th House with the 10th House & You Workbook!

Ever wondered how the stars influence your path to success, fame, and legacy? Dive deep into the mysteries of the 10th house in astrology, often depicted at the pinnacle of your birth chart, symbolizing its high-standing influence on your life.

Why Explore the 10th House?

With the 10th House & You Workbook, you won’t just get theoretical explanations. My carefully crafted pages help bridge the gap between real-life examples and astrological themes, making the abstract tangible and personally relevant.

I will say, this is my first booklet. Ever. So, be nice.

What's Inside?

Discover interactive exercises and reflections on:


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